Model Public Policies That Will Reduce Radon’s Risk
States Are The Vehicle for Public Health and Safety

Currently in the United States

21,000 Americans die of radon-induce lung cancer every year and radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.  Accordingly, EPA recommends ALL homebuyers test for radon.

Yet amazingly enough there is no requirement that homebuyers have to perform radon test; and until recently, there have been no existing state or federal laws even requiring them to be notified of the potential risk.  Delaware and Illinois now have laws that go beyond requirements to report known radon and concentrate on educating the consumer-buyer. 

Model Disclosure of Radon Information Laws

The model disclosure notification laws found on this site are the bare minimum to reduce the risk and help locate the potential 8 million homes U.S. homes at risk.  These laws educate and warn the consumer about radon at the time of purchase and their implementation in no way interferes with real estate transactions.  See the Illinois Radon Awareness Act (HB 1425) and the Delaware Buyer Notification Act.

Model Building Codes for Radon Resistant New Construction

Recently passed Minnesota legislation (HF 993 – enrolled in 2007) recognized Appendix F of the International Building Code and requires all newly constructed homes in Minnesota to be built radon resistant. 

Additional resources for radon resistant (and radon ready) new construction are available to contractors and code enforcement jurisdictions through the recent promulgation of a new radon resistant construction standard - ASTM 1465.

Other Model Legislation

Radon Testing and Disclosure – Del Code §2572A

Radon Awareness Act – 420 ILCS 46/
School Code – 105 ILCS 5/10-20.46

Act to Reduce Lung Cancer Rates in Maine – LD943 (residential rental properties)
Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code – Maine Revised Statutes Title 10§9721
Conveyance of Real Estate Required Disclosures – Maine Revised Statutes Title 33§173

Michigan Building Code - MCL 125.1504
Michigan Child Care Licensing Act - MCL 722.112

NJ assembly Bill A4134 Delaware Homeowner's Protection Act
NJ Radon Bill A4134 With ARPC Revisions Delaware Buyer Notification Legislation
ARPC-Model Legislation-State Certifcation and Regulation ARPC Model Legislation Notification
Minnesota House Passes Appendix F Bill Minnesota Radon Bill Passes – Press Release
Illinois HB1425 Model Disclosure Bill Alabama HB0365
RI Radon Bill

Recognized Professional Certification Agencies

Two private certification agencies have been recognized by the U.S.E.P.A. to certify radon measurement and mitigation professionals in the United States. They are the National Radon Safety Board and the National Environmental Health Association’s National Radon Proficiency Program.  These agencies ensure that professionals in unregulated states are certified to operated in a manner that protects the consumer.

Radon Legislation Resources

National Conference of State Legislatures
Environmental Law Institute
American Association of Radon Scientists Model Policies

Radon Education & Professional Resources
President’s Cancer Panel 2008 Annual Report
Cancer Survivors Against Radon
American Lung Association
National Center for Healthy Homes
Radon Leaders Saving Lives
National Radon Program Services
USEPA Consumer Information

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