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Specialized Insurance Coverage Available From AARST for NEHA-NRPP
Certified and Licensed Radon Professionals

AARST has available a Radon Insurance Program for AARST and NEHA-NRPP members. The program provides specialized coverage for radon professionals who meet the high standards of excellence established by AARST.

This insurance program offers a combination of coverages designed specifically for the radon professionals who are AARST members and who are either certified through NEHA-NRPP or are licensed in a regulated state.

These coverages include:

• General Liability
• Professional Liability
• Pollution Liability

The latter category is a first for radon professionals – and there are other benefits as well, including special provisions for a two year rate and coverage for roof liabilities that have previously been unavailable to radon mitigation contractors.

While most businesses will focus on radon detection and mitigation, AARST and the insurers also anticipate that some insureds may be qualified in other environmental areas to which the insurers are also willing to extend coverage within current insurance company guidelines.

In an effort to provide appropriate insurance coverage for AARST members, ASI has agreed to assist as much as possible in the development of these coverage programs and will participate with association members by contributing guest speakers at AARST’s annual meetings and joining the association.

AARST’s goal is to make placing coverage through Nelson Insurance Agency convenient for our membership. Nelson Insurance Agency is also willing to work with local retail agents. These insurance polices will only be available to AARST members who are also 1) NEHA-NRPP certified, or 2) are licensed in a regulated state.

Steve Riggs, AAI
Accredited Advisor of Insurance

Nelson Insurance Agency, Inc
2000 Envoy Circle
Louisville, KY 40224.

Consumer Notice: AARST can not be held responsible for claims resulting from actions or services that may result from the information provided herein or from outside it's domain. While listing our membership may help you locate a radon professional, it does not relieve you of the burden of being a smart consumer. AARST recommends contacting your State Radon Office, the Better Business Bureau, and even asking members of your community for help in locating the radon professional for you.