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Participation in CONSORTIUM Radon Standards

Standards Work in Progress

Review or participate in Consortium Radon Standards forum.

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Process and Form for providing Public Comments

Requesting Participation

Workgroup participation in document development is publicly available at the Standards Forum.

Click here to request participation as a stakeholder delegate for committee decisions on a radon standards document.

Currently available for public review:
Deadline for your comments is January, 20th , 2014
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For submittals and inquiries:
or Fax to 1-913-780-2090

Consumer Notice: AARST can not be held responsible for claims resulting from actions or services that may result from the information provided herein or from outside it's domain. While listing our membership may help you locate a radon professional, it does not relieve you of the burden of being a smart consumer. AARST recommends contacting your State Radon Office, the Better Business Bureau, and even asking members of your community for help in locating the radon professional for you.